English / WSL Forum 2021

IX International Logistics Scientific Conference

WSL Forum 2021


Contemporary problems of logistics in scientific research


18th-19th of November 2021 (Thursday-Friday)


Poznan School of Logistics 
Estkowskiego 6

Poznan (Poland)

Panel sessions:

  1. Global supply chain management
  2. Innovation in sourcing and distribution
  3. Digital technologies in logistics
  4. Warehouse and production automation

Main topics:

  • Digital supply chains
  • Digitalization of logistic processes
  • Transport and forwarding
  • Supply and distribution logistics
  • Production logistics
  • Logistics infrastructure
  • Costs and controlling in logistics
  • Packaging in logistic systems
  • Security of logistic processes
  • Logistics education

The languages of the conference are Polish and English.

The WSL FORUM conference has been held regularly since 2005. The aim of this year's conference is to present the results of research and exchange views and experiences concerning logistics in its broadest sense. The changes taking place in the modern world undoubtedly lead to a discussion on issues related to the logistics of companies and supply chains, digitalization, security and quality of logistics processes, etc.

The conference enables the presentation of the latest research results, the exchange of ideas, and the discussion of new ideas and concepts in such an intensively developing field of knowledge and practice as modern logistics. In addition to participants from Polish scientific institutions, the conference will be attended by scientists from foreign academic centres. 

We will be honoured to have you participate
in the Conference organized by us.

WSL Forum 2021

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